Humane Society International rescue 4 dogs and 2 cats from Yulin meat trade
Wendy Higgins and Claire Platt from HSI UK with Anneka Svenska and Peter Egan

Angels for the Innocent Founder Anneka Svenska meets Downton Abbey actor Peter Egan and The HSI UK Team to greet arrival of four rescued dogs from the Chinese Meat Trade at All Dogs Matter this week.

Four very lucky dogs and two cats rescued from the horrific Yulin meat festival by charity Humane Society International arrived on British soil this week. Over 170 dogs and cats have been rescued by HSI representatives this year and will be adopted across the world.

Every year, millions of dogs and cats are stolen from people’s yards across China and shipped hundreds of miles to be killed in inhumane ways to supply the illegal Yulin dog and cat meat festival in China. Most of the dogs and cats who end up on someone plate have once been a loved pet.

HSI rescue 4 dogs from Yulin Dog Meat Trade

The Festival which is not supported by Chinese authorities has had a blind eye turned to it since it started in 2010, but HSI officials explain that this year there has been a change and Chinese police have started to put in road blocks and make arrests.

Presenter Anneka Svenska and Actor Peter Egan were there to support the six arrivals at Dogs Matter rescue in North London and had plenty to say about the festival

“If you can imagine this beautiful dog would be chosen by someone in China. The dog would be killed and they would take it home to eat.” – Peter Egan

“These animals are tortured terribly as there is no law enforcing how they are killed. It’s not a case of dog versus cow, it’s about pain, torture and abuse” – Anneka Svenska

To watch the film of the dog’s arrival please click below: