Ambassador Angel: Pascale Terry
Conservationist & Animal Rescuer

Pascale Terry Angels for the InnocentPascale Terry’s journey into animal conservation began in 2012 after she rescued her big, beautiful dog, Butchy, from death row. It was here that her passion and love for animal rescue was born after witnessing first-hand the life changing moment an animal’s life is saved and realised that if she could be responsible for saving Butchy’s life, surely she could help other animals.

She began to volunteer with animal shelters and rescue groups, raised funds for non-for-profit organisations, sponsored animals across the world, attended charity galas and workshops, signed endless petitions online and donated to charities that could make a difference on her behalf. But although she knew she was making a small difference, she always felt she could be doing more.

In 2016 she had a lightbulb moment whilst watching an animal documentary at home. She thought to herself ‘why am I sitting on my couch wishing I could help, why am I not out there myself making a physical difference?’. She realised that instead of being a ‘couch animal warrior’ she wanted to become a ‘world animal warrior’

So she did.

A  few weeks later she founded an organisation called World Animal Warriors, packed up her life and travelled around the world to work alongside endangered and critically endangered animals, volunteered in sanctuaries, studied species in their natural habitats, worked in rescue & rehabilitation projects, assisted in conducting scientific research and surrounded herself with some of the very best animal conservationists out there.

Pascale’s solo mission soon turned into something far greater than she could have expected and has been fortunate to be able to share her mission through Australian television, newspapers and magazines as well as with a global audience. Pascale continues to travel the world working on animal conservation projects and what once started as solo missions, has now grown into group missions. After gaining a large following from like-minded people, Pascale decided to open up her animal journeys to people across the world who now join her as she helps save the lives of animals in need.

Pascale’s goal is to shine a spotlight on the biggest animal conservation issues our planet is facing, educate as many people as possible and convert ordinary people into passionate animal advocates.

Pascale’s motto is ‘I know I can’t single-handedly change the world, but if I can help one animal I will know I have made a difference.’

Pascale Terry Angels for the Innocent