Compassion Over Cruelty Campaign

Compassion Over Cruelty Campaign with Angels for the Innocent

On October 25th Naturewatch Foundation in collaboration with  Production Company GreenWorldTV launched “Compassion Over Cruelty” – a film to defy expectations around cruelty-free cosmetics, featuring Angels for the Innocent’s Daryna and Anneka.

Every year, millions of animals worldwide are subjected to painful tests all in the name of beauty. Chemicals are dropped in their eyes and on to their skin, often causing painful blinding and burning. Once used, their bodies are discarded like rubbish as more are bred to take their place.

The British public is overwhelmingly against the use of animals for cosmetic testing. And indeed, in 1997 the UK introduced the Cosmetic Testing Ban on the use of animals to test finished cosmetic products, followed by a ban in 1998 on the use of animals in testing cosmetic ingredients. These history-changing laws paved the way for the European Union, which in 2013 banned all sales within the EU of cosmetic products or ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Compassion Over Cruelty Campaign with Angels for the Innocent, GreenWorldTV, NatureWatch Foundation and Anneka Svenska

But this isn’t enough. Cosmetic shoppers in the UK are still buying into cruelty by purchasing from companies that sell products outside of the EU, in countries like China where testing on cosmetic products is still a requirement by law. By purchasing these brands, or brands owned by parent companies that are tested in China, shoppers – who are trying to do the right thing for animals – are being duped. Compassionate shoppers are unknowingly handing over their money for cruel animal testing.

Many of these companies are big multinational labels, or are selling prestige products and trying to crack the Chinese market. They offer high end products that are perceived as being the best of the best, and they rely on customer loyalty for their well-known brands. But it is the animals who are paying the true cost. And it’s completely unnecessary.

GreenWorldTV & Angels for the Innocent joined forces with Naturewatch Foundation to put truly cruelty-free, compassionate, cosmetics to the test. How would they hold up against the big players in the cosmetic industry?

GreenWorldTV recruited top hair stylist, Daniel Field from Daniel Field Hair Salon in Central London, and makeup artist to the stars, Alexa Riva Ravina, to test Naturewatch Foundation endorsed cruelty-free products, featured in the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide.

Some incredible animal loving celebrities offered to appear in the film alongside Anneka & Daryna including actress, Rula Lenska and comedian Jake Yapp, who put their faith – and faces – in Daniel and Alexa’s hands. And the results were beautiful and 100% cruelty free.

Compassion Over Cruelty Campaign with Angels for the Innocent, GreenWorldTV, NatureWatch Foundation and Anneka Svenska

The resulting film proves that you can choose compassion over cruelty, and look fabulous in the process!

The film was launched in front of an audience of 100% animal loving celebrities at Sanctum Soho in London’s WestEnd. The evening was hosted by  dear compassionate Rula Lenska and attended by some brilliant people including BBC Radio 5 DJ Nicky Campbell, This Morning’s on screen makeup artist Bryony Blake and TV presenter Matt Johnson, the animal loving Jilly Johnson, Actress Vicki Michelle, cruelty free beauty expert Cindy Jackson and actor Dan Richardson, actor from Disney’s The Lodge, who had become a newly converted vegan.
Compassion Over Cruelty Campaign with Angels for the Innocent, GreenWorldTV, NatureWatch Foundation and Anneka Svenska


Despite the EU, and countries like Australia, Israel and Norway banning the sale and importation of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients tested on animals, millions of animals are still used in cosmetic testing around the world.  

Cosmetic brands may advertise their products as cruelty-free in the UK – but if they are also selling in countries like China, where animal testing on cosmetics is still a legal requirement – they cannot genuinely claim cruelty-free status. At the same time, many popular brands are owned by larger, multinational ‘parent’ companies that may sell other products in China – meaning that, for the ethical consumer, being genuinely cruelty-free can be extremely difficult.

Naturewatch Foundation researches companies thoroughly and only approves those brands that have a Fixed Cut Off Date animal testing policy in place. The same Fixed Cut Off Date must apply throughout the entire company range, including the parent company and any subsidiaries.

So Naturewatch Foundation has done the hard work for you.

Naturewatch Foundation has published the Compassionate Shopping Guide regularly for over 20 years. It is now in its 14th edition. It has become the definitive guide to cruelty-free shopping for cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning products.  It has the strictest criteria of any cruelty-free endorsement scheme in the world. They do not accept animal use in cosmetic testing at any level.

To pick up a Compassionate Shopping Guide, click the photo below:

Compassion Over Cruelty Campaign with Angels for the Innocent, GreenWorldTV, NatureWatch Foundation and Anneka Svenska


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