Celebrity Ambassador

wendy-turner-websterWendy Turner Webster Wendy has a very long and fruitful history of working with animals on and off TV and was an obvious choice for Celebrity Ambassador for AFI.Wendy’s passion for animal welfare also took her down the route as presenter for Channel 4’s prime time show Absolutely Animals; a hard hitting investigative format which was filmed worldwide. This show was a fore-runner to Pet Rescue which Wendy hosted for 7 years. Pet Rescue went out daily and was consistently one of the highest rated daytime shows across all channels. Spin-offs from Pet Rescue were The Pet Rescue Roadshow and Family Pet Rescue.

Her cookery book, The Absolutely Animal Free Cook Book was published by The Book Guild. She has just completed a thriller entitled Burnt Wood Farm as well as a children’s novel, A Sky Full of Scaffolding.

Wendy is presenter and producer for The Wetnose Awards 2015. Wendy has also co presented vegan juicing slots alongside Anneka Svenska for Green World TV.

Wendy does not eat or wear animals and is proud to be a Patron of – The Vegan Society, The Vegetarian Society, The Humane Research Trust, Viva!, The Born Free Foundation, Birdline, The Horse Refuge, Secret World Wildlife Rescue, Chance Pixies, Rotherham Women’s Refuge  and Animal Lifeline.

Wendy also campaigns for Animal Aid, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, The International Fund for Animal Welfare, The Brooke Horse Hospital, Wetnose, Refuge, Animal Defenders International, The Mayhew Animal Home and International Animal Rescue, amongst others!


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