AFI work to stop animal, environmental and child cruelty in the following areas:

The Fur & Exotic skin Industry
Performing Animals
Zoo animals and the trade in exotic pets
Stray dogs worldwide
The dog ‘meat’ industry
Factory Farming
Slaughter & capture of marine animals
Rainforest Destruction
Environmental damage
Damage to coral reefs and sea pollution
Stop Climate change
Protection of children worldwide
The child slave trade

Below are our most recent campaigns, please click on each one to read more

THE DOG MEAT TRADE CAMPAIGN – Campaign to stop the torture and consumption of dog and cat meat throughout the world

BE AN ANGEL FOR ADOPTION CAMPAIGN – Campaign to promote the adoption of dogs worldwide instead of buying from a breeder

I PREFER MY FUR WITH A HEART CAMPAIGN – Campaign in collaboration with Charity Viva! to draw attention to the cruel trade in animal fur