When out in Romania during late January and February, Angels for the Innocent and charity IAPWA joined forces with GreenWorldTV to cover dog rescue and to help Romanian based rescue organisations fighting hard to help stray dogs in the plummeting temperatures.

On Day 1, the team headed out in minus 11 with charity Red Panda and stumbled upon a group of stray dogs by a busy main road, we pulled over to feed the dogs but after deciding to save a friendly female stray discovered that the female was full of milk and must be nursing young.

After over an hour of seeking for the babies in the minus temperatures and finding frozen bodies of animals in the snow, we were unable to locate the puppies and had made the heartbreaking decision to leave the mum or the babies would starve. However, just before we were to leave, the team noticed the mum crawl under a fence into a shed at the rear of a broken down house. We knocked on the door and a blind old man approached us and told us that yes the dog was there and had crawled into his shed to give birth in freezing temperatures.Angels for the Innocent Red Panda and IAPWAWe were allowed to approach the shed and what we found was incredible – 8 puppies, all about 2 weeks of age. We decided to take the other and babies to the vets to treat them, vaccinate them and eventually rehome them. In the freezing temperatures, without food and by a main road, many of the puppies would have died. The mother also had a bloody trauma to her eye which needed treating.Angels for the Innocent Red Panda and IAPWAThe puppies and mother remain under the care of Red Panda Romania and are being sponsored by IAPWA.

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On the 29th January 2017, Angels for the Innocent, joined GreenWorldTV & IAPWA (International Aid for the Protection and Welfare of Animals) on a mercy mission to Romania.

The reason for the trip was to film the plight of the Romanian street dogs and to bring their terrible suffering to a wider global audience. What we witnessed shocked everyone in the team and heightened the urgency of why the country desperately needs support and new legislation to protect its animals.


In Romania today there are around 64,000 feral dogs in Bucharest alone. The dog population arose as a result of systematization, a policy imposed during the Communist regime that ruled Romania for decades. Systematization forced people to move into apartment blocks and abandon their dogs.

Torture and Mutilation

During our trip, we visited a charitable vet practice Dog Rescue Romania headed up by husband and wife vets Garofita and Rudi Hofman. It was clear that the couple devoted their life to providing free vet care for as many of the Bucharest street dogs as possible. They stand by their word that no dog is ever released back onto the streets and if it cannot be treated and adopted, it would be cared for in their own sanctuary.
We witnessed dogs with heart-breaking injuries, paralysis and medical conditions. Two men burst in with a dog who had been tragically run over and the vets fought for over an hour to save the dog before he died on their table.

Spirit Butcher of Bucharest

Nothing was to prepare us for what was to come next and shortly after a female German Shepherd was rushed into the practice with some of the worst injuries ever seen – a victim of the most harrowing and extreme torture. The gentle old street dog had been beaten, partially dismembered and sexually abused with a knife. Even her teeth had been cruelly extracted. The vets fought hard and did everything they could to treat her and to pull her out of her critical condition.

The lady who found the dog, passed through every day to feed the strays and told AFI’s Director Anneka on film that she had found three dead puppies in the same place as the mutilated shepherd that week, one cut in half, another’s with its skull caved in and the third disembowelled.  When she fell upon the German Shepherd, which she felt had been ‘carefully placed’, as if left their for her to find, she immediately took it as a sign that someone was trying to signal to her to stop feeding the street dogs.

Spirit the tortured dog from Romania

When questioned to whether she felt the police would intervene, she said that she was not hopeful as in Romania there are no animal welfare laws upheld to protect stray dogs. Despite the evidently dangerous attacker and the risk he could pose to children and women, she still felt that the Romanian police were unable to act.

The dog has been named ‘Spirit’ and is on her way to a complete recovery thanks to vets Dog Rescue Romania. The dog will travel to the UK later in the year and be rehomed.

Call to Action

Once AFI and IAPWA had returned to the UK we wanted to take immediate action to prevent more dogs having to suffer horrendous torture as in the case of the mutilated dog and we are planning to create a petition to ask for changes in legislation, alongside Romanian lobbying organisations and charities in order to improve the welfare of street dogs and the prosecution of individual engaged in abuse and cruelty.

AFI & IAPWA will be looking to: 

  • Reinforcement and strengthening of animal protection legislation for dogs
  • Enforcement of penalties for crimes committed against dogs
  • Improvement in standards of animal welfare provided to dogs in pounds
  • A collaborative neutering campaign to reduce the number of strays suffering

Spirit has not been an isolated case of torture and mutilation in Romania and dogs have been reported regularly as victims of horrific mutilation. Dog Rescue Romania, the vets treating Spirit have said that it is a regular occurrence to see dogs tied up and tortured.

IAPWA & AFI intends to approach the Prime Minister of Romania, Sorin Grindeanu and the Mayor of Bucharest Gabriela Firea to ask for support for this issues and to discuss changes to protect the strays. A neutering scheme will also be discussed to significantly reduce the number of strays, thus preventing their suffering, alongside education initiatives to create long term change.

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GreenWorldTV and AFI’s Anneka Svenska joined with Humane Society International, Peter Egan, Dr Roger Mugford and All Dogs Matter on welcoming 8 lucky dogs to the UK out of the 200 rescued by HSI International on 18th January.

HSI welcome Korean dog meat farm rescues to the UK

The dogs arrived at the Animal Reception Center at Heathrow airport and were greeted by press and animal lovers. Peter Egan and Dr Roger Mugford explained that several of the dogs would be going into medical detection work here in the UK and it was their passion to show people that these dogs are not just ‘dog meat’ dogs but the same as every other dog, very capable of becoming pets or working dogs and being extremely trainable and responsive.

HSI welcome Korean dog meat farm rescues to the UK

The 200 dogs had been liberated from HSI’s 6th dog meat farm closure and the majority are flying to the USA and Canada to be re homed. The dog meat farm is closing down after the owner was convinced to change to another profession. This wave of farmers leaving the dog meat trade is currently spreading across South Korea and HSI informed us that most farmers approach them to help them close down the farm and rebuild a new cruelty free business in its place.

HSI welcome Korean dog meat farm rescues to the UK

HSI hope to work with the South Korean Government to get the dog meat trade stopped for good before the Winter Olympics in 2018. GreenWorldTV is to support HSI by filming with them over the year.

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Humane Society International rescue 4 dogs and 2 cats from Yulin meat trade
Wendy Higgins and Claire Platt from HSI UK with Anneka Svenska and Peter Egan

Angels for the Innocent Founder Anneka Svenska meets Downton Abbey actor Peter Egan and The HSI UK Team to greet arrival of four rescued dogs from the Chinese Meat Trade at All Dogs Matter this week.

Four very lucky dogs and two cats rescued from the horrific Yulin meat festival by charity Humane Society International arrived on British soil this week. Over 170 dogs and cats have been rescued by HSI representatives this year and will be adopted across the world.

Every year, millions of dogs and cats are stolen from people’s yards across China and shipped hundreds of miles to be killed in inhumane ways to supply the illegal Yulin dog and cat meat festival in China. Most of the dogs and cats who end up on someone plate have once been a loved pet.

HSI rescue 4 dogs from Yulin Dog Meat Trade

The Festival which is not supported by Chinese authorities has had a blind eye turned to it since it started in 2010, but HSI officials explain that this year there has been a change and Chinese police have started to put in road blocks and make arrests.

Presenter Anneka Svenska and Actor Peter Egan were there to support the six arrivals at Dogs Matter rescue in North London and had plenty to say about the festival

“If you can imagine this beautiful dog would be chosen by someone in China. The dog would be killed and they would take it home to eat.” – Peter Egan

“These animals are tortured terribly as there is no law enforcing how they are killed. It’s not a case of dog versus cow, it’s about pain, torture and abuse” – Anneka Svenska

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Compassion Over Cruelty Campaign

Compassion Over Cruelty Campaign with Angels for the Innocent

On October 25th Naturewatch Foundation in collaboration with  Production Company GreenWorldTV launched “Compassion Over Cruelty” – a film to defy expectations around cruelty-free cosmetics, featuring Angels for the Innocent’s Daryna and Anneka.

Every year, millions of animals worldwide are subjected to painful tests all in the name of beauty. Chemicals are dropped in their eyes and on to their skin, often causing painful blinding and burning. Once used, their bodies are discarded like rubbish as more are bred to take their place.

The British public is overwhelmingly against the use of animals for cosmetic testing. And indeed, in 1997 the UK introduced the Cosmetic Testing Ban on the use of animals to test finished cosmetic products, followed by a ban in 1998 on the use of animals in testing cosmetic ingredients. These history-changing laws paved the way for the European Union, which in 2013 banned all sales within the EU of cosmetic products or ingredients that have been tested on animals.

Compassion Over Cruelty Campaign with Angels for the Innocent, GreenWorldTV, NatureWatch Foundation and Anneka Svenska

But this isn’t enough. Cosmetic shoppers in the UK are still buying into cruelty by purchasing from companies that sell products outside of the EU, in countries like China where testing on cosmetic products is still a requirement by law. By purchasing these brands, or brands owned by parent companies that are tested in China, shoppers – who are trying to do the right thing for animals – are being duped. Compassionate shoppers are unknowingly handing over their money for cruel animal testing.

Many of these companies are big multinational labels, or are selling prestige products and trying to crack the Chinese market. They offer high end products that are perceived as being the best of the best, and they rely on customer loyalty for their well-known brands. But it is the animals who are paying the true cost. And it’s completely unnecessary.

GreenWorldTV & Angels for the Innocent joined forces with Naturewatch Foundation to put truly cruelty-free, compassionate, cosmetics to the test. How would they hold up against the big players in the cosmetic industry?

GreenWorldTV recruited top hair stylist, Daniel Field from Daniel Field Hair Salon in Central London, and makeup artist to the stars, Alexa Riva Ravina, to test Naturewatch Foundation endorsed cruelty-free products, featured in the Naturewatch Compassionate Shopping Guide.

Some incredible animal loving celebrities offered to appear in the film alongside Anneka & Daryna including actress, Rula Lenska and comedian Jake Yapp, who put their faith – and faces – in Daniel and Alexa’s hands. And the results were beautiful and 100% cruelty free.

Compassion Over Cruelty Campaign with Angels for the Innocent, GreenWorldTV, NatureWatch Foundation and Anneka Svenska

The resulting film proves that you can choose compassion over cruelty, and look fabulous in the process!

The film was launched in front of an audience of 100% animal loving celebrities at Sanctum Soho in London’s WestEnd. The evening was hosted by  dear compassionate Rula Lenska and attended by some brilliant people including BBC Radio 5 DJ Nicky Campbell, This Morning’s on screen makeup artist Bryony Blake and TV presenter Matt Johnson, the animal loving Jilly Johnson, Actress Vicki Michelle, cruelty free beauty expert Cindy Jackson and actor Dan Richardson, actor from Disney’s The Lodge, who had become a newly converted vegan.
Compassion Over Cruelty Campaign with Angels for the Innocent, GreenWorldTV, NatureWatch Foundation and Anneka Svenska


Despite the EU, and countries like Australia, Israel and Norway banning the sale and importation of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients tested on animals, millions of animals are still used in cosmetic testing around the world.  

Cosmetic brands may advertise their products as cruelty-free in the UK – but if they are also selling in countries like China, where animal testing on cosmetics is still a legal requirement – they cannot genuinely claim cruelty-free status. At the same time, many popular brands are owned by larger, multinational ‘parent’ companies that may sell other products in China – meaning that, for the ethical consumer, being genuinely cruelty-free can be extremely difficult.

Naturewatch Foundation researches companies thoroughly and only approves those brands that have a Fixed Cut Off Date animal testing policy in place. The same Fixed Cut Off Date must apply throughout the entire company range, including the parent company and any subsidiaries.

So Naturewatch Foundation has done the hard work for you.

Naturewatch Foundation has published the Compassionate Shopping Guide regularly for over 20 years. It is now in its 14th edition. It has become the definitive guide to cruelty-free shopping for cosmetics, toiletries and household cleaning products.  It has the strictest criteria of any cruelty-free endorsement scheme in the world. They do not accept animal use in cosmetic testing at any level.

To pick up a Compassionate Shopping Guide, click the photo below:

Compassion Over Cruelty Campaign with Angels for the Innocent, GreenWorldTV, NatureWatch Foundation and Anneka Svenska


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