Ambassador Angel: Heidi Mumford-Yeo
Actress, Model & Author

Heidi Mumford Yeo Angels for the Innocent AmbassadorHeidi is an actress and model who has appeared on TV and film in the UK, India and the States. She is a passionate animal advocate and vegan committed to campaigning against all forms of animal abuse and exploitation. As a child Heidi rescued a pony from starvation and neglect nursing him back to health and he became a beloved family member.

“It was from an early age I understood that caring for animals was an instinctive path, and as an adult I deeply want to make an powerful change to the welfare of all animals here in the UK and beyond.  I hope to achieve this by doing something pioneering and something that will empower people to act and protect those without a voice, the most vulnerable and innocent lives, those of animals”

Her love and desire to protect animals saw her successfully crowd fund, design and build the UK’s first whistle blowing site for animal abuse and neglect ‘Ethical Pup’. In conjunction with the RSPCA Heidi launched the app, which is now in its second phase of development on iOS & Android with plans to extend across worldwide.

Heidi is passionate that we should be protecting all animals, not only our companion ones and promoting a compassionate, vegan lifestyle.

Our AFI Ambassador has also written and trilogy of children’s books, The Chihuahua Who Couldn’t Play, Freddy & the Christmas Wish and Freddy & the Circus, each one is aimed at educating people around animal welfare. Her belief is everything starts with education at a fundamental level.

Heidi Mumford Yeo