Ambassador Angel: Daryna Milgevska
Vegan Model & Campaigner

Daryna Milgevska is a wonderfully passionate and beautiful ambassador for AFI.

Working as an accomplished Vegan model and an actress, Daryna believes in using her talents to help those who are mistreated, be it animals or innocent children and the elderly. She has modelled many times for PETA and NATUREWATCH FOUNDATION as well as always being on the forefront of most London demos against the ill treatment of animals.

As a little girl Daryna always had a huge passion for animals and was always bringing home street cats or dogs to feed and care for. Many things in her life have changed since then, but not her passion for animals. In fact it’s only grown bigger day by day, until now she has decided to dedicate every day of her life to helping our four legged brothers and sisters.

Daryna has been using every opportunity to promote a cruelty free lifestyle: Feeding stray dogs and cats, signing endless petitions, attempting to influence her friends and family, volunteering in local shelters, protesting, taking a part in marches and volunteering in central London for many animal events… You name it, she’s done it all. Her dedication for protecting animals is unmeasurable.

At the moment Daryna is working on finishing her degree in Media and Communication and at the same time forging a modelling and acting career.

She has big faith in a better future for the animals and she invites you to be a part of this change.

We are proud to have Daryna as an Angel for the Innocent and know that she will be a driving force for the organisation. Thankyou Daryna x


Daryna Milgevska is ambassador to Angels for the Innocent Foundation