Ambassador Angel: Dan Richardson
Actor & Campaigner
Actor Dan Richardson Ambassador for Angels for the Innocent Foundation

Dan’s inherent love and respect for nature and his compassion for animals have been there for as long as he can remember. Bungee jumps and skydives were his early means of raising awareness and funds for organisations such as the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society and the League Against Cruel Sports.

Traveling around the world in his early twenties, Dan adopted an abandoned puppy in Thailand, nursing it back to health over two months and re-homing it before he left the country. Years later during extended trips to Costa Rica, Dan adopted and re-homed two more abandoned dogs and spent time working at an animal rescue centre.

Now a film and TV actor, Dan only started acting in 2006 at age 34. Despite his relatively short time in the business, he has already played major roles in numerous films and TV series. These include the lead role in crime thriller, ‘Retribution’ alongside Holby City star, Hugh Quarshie and Casualty star, Amanda Mealing. In ‘Kill Kane’ he plays a principal role alongside Vinnie Jones. Television roles include the popular Dutch series, ‘Bagels & Bubbels’. Dan is now a series regular in Disney’s new musical drama series, ‘The Lodge’, which goes to air in 108 countries worldwide in September 2016. Dan’s latest role was in the new family comedy, ‘Pretty Outrageous’, filmed in Los Angeles in August 2016 and set for release in early 2017.

As well as acting, Dan writes and produces and has several of his own feature film projects in development. With his profile growing rapidly, Dan is using this as widely as possible to the advantage of animal conservation efforts globally, helping to raise awareness and support for the various animal welfare and protection projects to which he is so strongly committed.

Since joining AFI, Dan has quickly become a strong voice in animal welfare and conservation, having been made a patron for The Born Free Foundation and been invited by world renowned photographer Margot Raggett to travel to Africa with her to help shine a light on elephant conservation via her book ‘Remembering Elephants’.

Dan Richardson with the last male northern white rhino
Dan Richardson with the last male northern white rhino in existence