Ambassador Angel: Anneka Svenska
Wildlife Presenter, Campaigner & Conservationist

Anneka Svenska founder for The Angels for the Innocent FoundationAnneka Svenska is the founder of AFI and Green World TV. Anneka has worked on and off TV with animals for over 20 years. Anneka’s expertise lies in working alongside wolves, alpha dog breeds, stray dog rescue and rehabilitation, marine conservation & protection and raising front line political awareness for wildlife & environmental charities through her TV Online Channel Green World TV. Having spent the last three years rescuing dogs from all over the world, raising money for shelters and vet care, Anneka hopes to carry on rescuing animals worldwide and raising political awareness for important animal and planetary causes through Angels for the Innocent Foundation and her fellow co-supporters.

A Little Background:

Anneka is a canid expert, wolf enthusiast and handler and has filmed and worked alongside both European and North American Timber Wolves as well as living with high content wolfdogs on a daily basis. Anneka is not afraid to speak of her love of apex predators and is quite at home swimming with great whites, catching snakes, tracking wolves in the wild and anything which involves dangerous, or rather, misunderstood animals.

When Anneka is not filming, she dedicates her time to campaigning about animal rescue, health juicing and Veganism on and through her You Tube Channel ‘Green World TV’. She has filmed alongside Will Travers of Born Free, Bill Oddie, Chris Packham, Nigel Marven, Mike Dilger, Virginia McKenna, Noel Fitzpatrick and Wendy Turner Webster. She also heads up the juicing section for charity Viva!’s Recipe Club, produces the official films for ‘VegfestUK’ and writes for ‘Bare Foot Vegan Magazine’, ‘The Ecologist’ and ‘The Huffington Post’.

Anneka predominantly supports The Born Free Foundation, Viva!, Animal Aid Unlimited, Animal Equality, Raystede Animal Home, Animal Aid (UK), LionAid, Helping Rhinos, Humane Society Int, Rewilding Britain, Dogs Trust, The Mayhew, Wetnose Animal Aid, Sea Shepherd, The Badger Trust, League Against Cruel Sports, International Animal Rescue, Four Paws and IWCT.

Anneka Svenska Angels for the Innocent Keep the Ban Fox
Anneka Svenska speaks on behalf of keeping the Fox Hunt Ban outside Parliament