Ambassador Angel: Aleks Schiffer
Founder of ‘I Stand with my Pack’

Aleksandra SchifferAleksandra’s life purpose is building a world where animals and humans live peacefully and respectfully.

Her life began in former Yugoslavia during a decade long civil war. As a refugee, she relocated through the Balkans where she regretfully witnessed many atrocities against humans and animals.  Fortunately, her loving mother kept her safe and fed while living in various war zones.

She had the opportunity to grow up living in several countries. Having been exposed to many diverse cultures and languages form a young age, she has learned about animal welfare issues from a global perspective.

Aleksandra’s affection for animals was immediately apparent from birth.  Her earliest memories are rescuing injured wild animals and releasing them back into the wild.  To date, she has rescued over 100 dogs from 10 countries, funded the protection and relocation of many species on the verge of extinction and organized international protests against animal exploitation.

For over a decade, she has worked and volunteered with various international animal welfare organizations. This experience convinced her to become a dedicated animal activist and eventually form her own organization, I Stand With My Pack.

I Stand With My Pack is a non-profit organization that works to promote compassionate ethics and lifestyles through social media platforms, peaceful protest, hands-on field work, exposure of animal cruelty, and also to unite individuals and groups to create long-term solutions for a more humane world for all.

Our ultimate goals is to provide assistance and long term support for animals in need, and to foster a connection to and understanding of animals and the natural world.

Aleksandra also has worked as a theatrical actress, model and a manager. She studied law and speak several languages.

Aleksandra lives with her adopted Cane-Corsos Bouba and Scout, and is always fostering animals without a home.

Aleksandra Schiffer - Angels for the Innocent