Angels for the Innocent Foundation was founded in 2014 and is an organisation with a large team of hard working, media-based Ambassadors who work all over the world raising awareness for animal causes, supporting third party charities and inspiring people to help the planet.

AFI believes that all charitable organisations and individuals should join together as a team and our ambassadors are there to provide a support for all animal & environmental charities.  AFI’s Ambassadors cover the UK, Australia, Ireland and the USA, helping to front & create both TV, film and stills campaigns, PR campaigns; fundraise & hold groundbreaking events; raise political awareness and change political legislation and to also be on the ground physically rescuing and re-homing animals worldwide.

The Angel Ambassadors who are represented on this website are not only are known for their strong media presence, but have also already contributed massively to animal campaigns worldwide, reaching recognition for their hard work and love for animals.

Alone they are creating change, but together they can move mountains…